Телевизор haier ht 3768 схема

Touch No.6 of N701 with black probe Make V701 collector open. Multimeter is at range R 1K. Red probe connects to ground. Don’t electric shock, don’t clean the cabinet and the screen with make the TV set rain benzene, petrol and other chemicals.

The following techniques should be used to help reduce the incidence of component damage caused by static electricity. Page 19 brightness signals including compound sync signals are transmitted to the internal sync segregation circuits, where horizontal sync and vertical sync pulses are segregated. R321 (10K), R462 (12K) C452 (3900pF) VD436 and T402 are connected to N204 (13) are phase-lock loop filters. Page 7 Electrostatic ally Sensitive (ES) Devices Some semiconductor (solid state) devices can be damaged easily by static electricity.

Bright line flashes for a moment Check to see if voltage of No.3 at Check to see if R907 and N402 is normal R448 are not well welded or R448 become abnormal… Page 25 Picture exists but no sound Make C703 open. Examples of typical ES devices are integrated circuits and some field effect transistors and semiconductor “chip” components. Such components are usually called Electrostatic ally Sensitive (ES) Devices. Multimeter is at band R 1K. Red probe connect to ground. Page 8 3. Keep the soldering iron tip clean and well tinned. 4. Thoroughly clean the surfaces to be soldered. Horizontal pumping signals are transmitted from (13) of N204 to horizontal promotion transistor V444 (2SC2383), and then drive the H-DRIVE transformer.

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