Hitachi utopia схема

Premium inverter Multi Systems are suitable For a wide range of small to medium to large scale commercial and industrial applications. Temperzone approved HITACHI Premium Inverter Multi systems involve inverter outdoor units connectable to a larger number of indoor units. Browse this list to find Hitachi service documentation for your model. Our Chillers are ideally suited for Industrial and process, data centres, shopping centres, airports, hotels, hospitals and offices. Though installation is more expensive its flexible system architecture, easy operation and energysaving technology, means the Premium Inverter Multi can provide not only comfort, butalso efficiency and economy 6 Year Warranty. Samurai RCME-AH Hi Efficiency, Air Cooled Cooling only The Samurai range of chillers offer world-renowned reliability – thanks to our own twin screw compressors – and incorporate the latest developments in screw compressor technology for excellent partial load performance.

Each unit automatically modifies its output to minimise power consumption while maintaining a constant air-conditioned temperature within the space. Service manuals>Hitachi Service manuals This page contains the list of Hitachi service manuals, repair manuals in PDF files, with additional repair information in service documents like schematics, block diagrams, circuit diagrams, part lists. Premium Inverter Multi systems offer a wide range of indoor unit combinations (Ducted, Wall-mounted, Cassettes and Underceiling) to maximise air conditioning within each individual location. Руководство по эксплуатации -ELECTRAWNG, PXD, LS, KНастенные инверторные сплит-системыИнструкция по монтажу и техническому обслуживанию. Skip to main content Commercial Air Conditioners Model Rooftop Packaged Air Conditioners Description From room air conditioners to large central plant air conditioning systems.
Configurations depend on the size/ capacity of both the indoor and outdoor units. Catalogues > Hitachi Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Division > RCME-AH Hitachi Air Conditioning Engineered for tomorrow. Our Utopia Splits can connect to any indoor units from our System Free range for ultimate flexibility.

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